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    • 1.  超五类网线,高速宽带线
  • 1. 超五类网线,高速宽带线
  • 电脑网络成品室外家用
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    Product Features:

    ● 1.Unshielded Twisted Paired: unshielded twisted pair UTP is currently the most widely used wiring system, suitable for transmission bandwidth below 250MHz. It is with no network application specific performance requirements. The advantage is goodoverall performance, low price, convenient construction and maintenance. Category six cabling system has reached the performance limit of unshielded twisted pair.

    ● 2.FTP Foil Twisted-Pair: aluminum foil twisted pair shielded, the bandwidth is large,strong anti-jamming performance. It has the characteristics of low smoke halogen free.In contrast, shielding lines over non shielding line price and installation costs are higher. The bending properties of the cable is a bit poor.

    ● 3.Shielded Twisted-Pair: independently shielded twisted pair STP, each of the pair has an aluminum foil shielding layer, four on the pair together with a common metal braided shielding layer, which is the standard structure of seven class. It is suitable for high speed network transmission, provide highly confidential, model is used to support future, wiring platform helps to unify the current network applications, making all kinds of information from the e-mail to the multimedia video, can be transmitted at the sameset of high-speed system.

    ● 4.Double shielded twisted pair (SFTP), add a layer of woven mesh in aluminum foil. On the basis of commonly used for Al Mg wire mesh, are also useful for tin wire ortinned copper wire, anti interference and highly confidential transmission, for professional wiring project.


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